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My Three Favorite 30-Minute Pre-Natal Workouts

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2019 is already a special year because we are having baby number two in May! This second pregnancy is totally different from the first one, not just because I know what to expect, but because we now have an energetic toddler that keeps us very busy. At times I even forget I am pregnant—no kidding!

Balancing motherhood, exercise, work, and everything else is harder than ever, but it is also teaching me to be more efficient and creative with my time. Moving my body is my second priority in life (very close to the first priority of spending time with Sky), but most days, the overload of work takes the majority of my time (Does it sound familiar to you, mammas?!). I am a happier mamma and wife, and more productive at work if I get the chance to workout, even if it’s just for 30 minutes!

Science behind: Movements helps us to make our own “internal medicines,” natural health-promoting substances that help us have a healthier pregnancy.

Lately my three favorite 30-minute workouts are:

Functional 30 at Wainani Wellness

Two times a week during lunch time I escape to Wainani Wellness center in Kaimuki. During this 30 minutes class I get a chance to work on my flexibility, balance and strength. It’s probably the most effective 30 minutes of all my week.

Science behind: Toning or increasing muscle mass during pregnancy increases bone density and bone strenght. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar.

Swimming at the Pool or Ocean

Any chance I get, I I try to swim at least 30 minutes. Sometimes I just have time for 20 minutes, and other days that I have Sky with me, the swimming session turns into a play-workout. No matter how long, moving my body in the water always seems to be the perfect fit for my growing belly, since pregnancy hormones make our joints less stable and more prone to injury. And that’s why pregnant women should avoid jarring movements.

Reasons to consider swimming: It mellows moods. It improves breathing and circulation. It helps relieve ankle swelling.

Walking to the Playground or Farmers Market

Yes! I am counting walking to the playground or to the farmers market as one of my 30-minute workout options. It’s multi-multi-tasking to my own benefit! In the playground while watching Sky play, I try to stretch and do squats in place. Sometimes Sky says: “Stop doing that! Come play wit me!” So playing is the workout of the day.

Friendly remider: Short frequent, consistent exercise routines are healthier than sporadic burst. Make your “workout” full of fun and joy!

If you told me three years ago, that playing with my toddler was going to be my “weekly workout” I would be pretty bummed, since I love to train for at least 2 hours per day. But it is wonderful how motherhood changes you, and gives you a new perspective and appreciation for the littlest things. So to keep my pregnancy healthy, and my lifestyle as active as I can, 30 minutes per day is what I can do for now, and I make sure to use it the best way I can!

Wishing you all a 2019 full of love, joy & health!