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Ocean Running

Ocean Running
June 25, 2015 mariane uehara

I didn’t grow up as an athlete, so when I moved to Hawaii 8 years ago, one of my dreams was to swim, bike, run, surf, and do triathlon and running races. So I started to do it all, however my body wasn’t used to so much pounding and so many miles, so I often felt sore and sometimes injured. That’s when my coach Raul Boca and my husband Tim Marr introduced me to “aqua jogging” to strengthen me, but not fatigue me. They told me to get an aqua belt, go to the ocean and run! It was love at first sight! Beach + Bikini + Run.

After a few years of doing aqua jog regularly and feeling the benefits, I asked if Raul wanted to teach an “ocean running” class with me? Of course he said “Yes!”. Since then we have been improving the ocean running technique and also creating water movements to strengthen the core, butt, arms, and legs.

This class helps not just runners, but cyclists, swimmers, and anyone that is not necessarily an athlete but would like to enjoy an impact free, and at the same time, a hard cardio workout.

I dare you to join us!

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