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Stables Beach Trail

Stables Beach Trail
February 14, 2018 mariane uehara

From March 1 through to March 4, I’ll be leading running “classes” at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival. Or, in other words, I’ll be having a blast at Turtle Bay! There will be three fun levels on three unique trails. Everyone is welcome.

I created the Beginner Class, “Learn To Run Properly”, to encourage those that have never run before but would love to start. We will work on basic running techniques and proper biomechanics. Then, we will go for an easy 2-mile jog along the beautiful and flat Stables Beach Trail.


Turtle Bay, North Shore, Hawaii

Distance, elevation & route

About the route

  • Mainly flat, with dirt and sand surfaces
  • Partially shaded
  • The closest water fountain and bathroom is located at Turtle Bay Resort, a few miles from the trail
  • Free parking next to the Stables Trail or at Turtle Bay

There is still time to sign up for the Oahu Wanderlust Festival! There will be a bit of everything for everyone: yoga, nature, yummy food and music.

Photo by Kevin Enriques

PS: I will post about the second class tomorrow 🙂