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Why do You Love Running?

Why do You Love Running?
June 15, 2015 mariane uehara

While in Boulder, Tim and I tagged along on one of the High Performance Boulder Track Club workouts. They met up on a crispy Tuesday morning at the open space Harper Lake, one of the amazing places to run in Boulder. After their workout, I asked each of those elite runners…Why do you love running? 


Harper lake – Boulder – CO



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“Running is one of the purest sports we can do. Basically, all you need is a pair of shoes, to step out the door, and to run. And you can measure it in so many ways…whether it is to run your personal best, or try to win a race, or just to run with friends for some fun and social reasons. There is a whole combination of reasons why people do it. But for me, I love the challenge. Every time I went out there to race, it was always me racing the clock, racing as fast as I could, and if I was able to win races or place high, great! If not, I just have to come out having a good time on the board. I try to instill that in all the athletes, and to do the best that they can.”

Lee Troop
3x Olympic Marathoner for Australia

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“Running is very time efficient. You start on your doorstep, and you finish your run on your doorstep. You don’t waste time traveling to the pool, or spending hours cycling. For me, it allows me to travel around the world to race. Nowadays, running-tourism is very popular. I get to travel to a place like the Gold Coast to do a marathon and enjoy a beautiful place for a few weeks.”

Mok Ying Ren
3x National Marathon Champion for Singapore

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“I love the way that I am able to push myself through my running. Trying to just challenge yourself to be better whatever there is (Not sure what she means…at whatever you’re doing…maybe). And I also like all the experiences that I am able to get from running, and the people that I am able to meet.”

Laura Thweatt
2015 USA XC Champion

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“I don’t love it! I am forced to do it (laughs)… I just love the freedom of putting on a pair of shoes, a pair of shorts, and a shirt and going. I just love the peace and quiet, getting away from people, and running by myself…I think I love to run by myself. That’s why I like running (laughs).”

Leon Griffin
Professional Triathlete

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“I love the challenge of it, and trying to be better everyday. I like to have something to strive for. And I think it is very simple in the fact that the work you put into it is going to show in your results. It is very simple. If you want to do better, you do the work, you come to the workouts, you run everyday, and you will get better. It is very pure that way. I am always trying to see if I can be better than I was the day before.”

Eric Mellow

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Thank you for sharing guys!

Why do YOU love running?

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