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Brisbane River

Brisbane River
April 8, 2015 mariane uehara

I am so impressed with the city of Brisbane! On my second day in the city, my brother took me to run along the Brisbane River, the longest river in southeast Queensland, Australia. He rode his bike, took pictures, and gave me a full tour while I ran. Running this loop was a fantastic way to see the city and to find out how well designed and planned the city of Brisbane is for runners, cyclists, and for the community in general to enjoy the outdoors. On this 12 mile loop, the scenery was a mixture of nature, art, and an amazing community infrastructure.
There are community gardens, colorful playgrounds, barbeque areas, small cliff that people rock climb, rowing club, cool restaurants, and even a fake beach with a real lifeguard! Everything is for everyone to enjoy!


Brisbane – Queesland – Australia


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  • start and end the running loop at the West End of Brisbane River. The river are going to be on your left and you will run towards the Story bridge.
  • you can park your car at the West End of Brisbane River, or you can get there using the CityCycle, a public bike share scheme.
  • the course is mostly flat except the South Bank and Story bridges.
  • there are restrooms and water fountains along the way.
  • the whole loop is almost 12 miles, but you can make it shorter turning around at mile 3.3 at South Bank bridge.
  • this whole loop can be done by bike too!
  • you can run while someone rides a bike next to you. That’s what I did with my brother, and it was really fun!
  • there are lots of cyclists training and also commuting. They are aware of each other, but pay attention! Especially if you don’t live in a country where the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians stay on the left side. You may find it a little bit confusing, or at least I did!
  • always stay on the left and look to the right first.
  • start your run early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the sun, and wear sunscreen in the beautiful “Sunshine State!”

outfit: Lululemon

shoes: On CloudSurfer

photos by: Marvin Uehara

It was a lovely run!

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