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Full body stretch

Full body stretch
May 16, 2018 mariane uehara

Pose of the day: Downward Facing Dog.

A full body stretch.


Note: As with all yoga and exercise programs, it is advisable for runners to begin slowly and mindfully, breathing steadily during the entire practice. Tune in to how you are feeling and whether the mind is excited. By the end of the sequence, we hope that you feel rested and relaxed, aiding your recovery from all the miles that you run!

Come to a table top position and tuck your toes under. Press up and back into downward facing dog, keeping your heels up off the ground and the knees slightly bent (especially if you have tight hamstrings). Maintain a flat back and straight arms (bend the knees more if needed). Slowly and gently stretch the right ankle, then the left towards the ground but don’t worry if the feet don’t fully touch the ground. Hold for five breaths then drop knees to the ground and move back into table top position.

* yoga pose by: Susie Stephen

* video by: Odeelo Dayondon

* music by: Ben Sound