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Perfect for hamstrings & hip flexors

Perfect for hamstrings & hip flexors
May 18, 2018 mariane uehara

Pose of the day: Low lunge.

Perfect for hamstrings and hip flexors.

Note: As with all yoga and exercise programs, it is advisable for runners to begin slowly and mindfully, breathing steadily during the entire practice. Tune in to how you are feeling and whether the mind is excited. By the end of the sequence, we hope that you feel rested and relaxed, aiding your recovery from all the miles that you run!

Move to kneeling and then step your right leg up and forward. Inhale and stretch the arms over head, keeping the hands shoulder width apart. Next, sweep the arms down behind you and grasp the fingers together for a shoulder and chest stretch. Inhale and exhale deeply in this position. Next bring the hands down to the floor around your front right foot – placing the hands on blocks if that is more comfortable. Shift the hips straight back to stretch the hamstring of the right leg – keeping a micro-bend in the knee for comfort. You can also point and flex the right foot here to open up the front of the leg, ankle and shin. You can also take the foot from left to right to stretch different parts of the hamstrings. Always move slowly and mindfully. To stretch the hip flexor of the left leg move forward and place the hands back down on the ground, sinking the hips lower and hold for a few rounds of breath. Next, move back to kneeling, then fold forward to relax into child’s pose: knees apart, toes touching, head resting on the ground or on a block and arms laying on the ground beside you. Rest for a few moments before repeating the low lunge sequence on the other side.

* yoga pose by: Susie Stephen

* video by: Odeelo Dayondon

* music by: Ben Sound