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Lazy pose for runners with tired legs

Lazy pose for runners with tired legs
May 18, 2018 mariane uehara

Pose of the day: Legs up the wall.

Note: As with all yoga and exercise programs, it is advisable for runners to begin slowly and mindfully, breathing steadily during the entire practice. Tune in to how you are feeling and whether the mind is excited. By the end of the sequence, we hope that you feel rested and relaxed, aiding your recovery from all the miles that you run!

Lying on the ground, lift legs up against a wall or a chair (or use any structure that will enable you to elevate the legs higher than the rest of the body). Ensure that the whole spine is lying flat on the ground. If your hamstrings are tight you may need to move further away from the wall/ chair, and also elevate the hips up onto a block or folded towel. Take arms out to the side and bend into a box shape, with back of the hands against the ground. Add in a stretch for the hips whilst you are lying on the ground by crossing the right leg over the left, resting the ankle on the thigh. Deepen the stretch by taking the hands around the back of the left leg and then slowly pull the legs closer in towards the body. Hold for 3-5 breaths then release legs back onto wall or chair. Next, squeeze the right knee up into the chest, then the left, and then both legs at the same time – rock from side to side to release the lower back. Finish by taking arms out to the side of the body on the ground and take a few moments to fully relax, letting go finally of all the tension in the body and mind and breathing softly.

Hope you enjoyed this simple yoga poses videos!

* yoga pose by: Susie Stephen

* video by: Odeelo Dayondon

* music by: Ben Sound