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Quick pre-workout breakfast 

Quick pre-workout breakfast 
September 17, 2017 mariane uehara

Before having a baby, I was an early bird soul. But my year and a half of sleep deprivation (due to that cute baby), has made me want to stay in bed until the last second possible. So simple, quick and nutritious breakfasts have been lifesavers for me this summer, especially since I have been coaching super early, leaving the house at 5am! Also, lately I am trying to squeeze in workouts to get ready for the Honolulu Marathon in December. Phew! I can’t workout on an empty stomach. I feel much more energized if I eat something before the run, but it needs to be something quick and simple that I can make in 5 minutes or less. So lately the three quick-yummy-nutritious pre-workout breakfast meals that I have been enjoying are:


Toast the rice cake for a crispy texture
Spread the almond butter, then add the sliced bananas and honey

• instead of almond butter try with any other nut butter
• strawberries or blueberries are also delicious on top of the rice cracker


Toast the slice of whole grain in a toaster until golden and crispy
Spread half if the avocado on toast and sprinkle the salt and black pepper on top

• ripe avocados works best as a spread on toasted bread
• adding feta cheese to give an extra dose of salt and protein
• you can squeeze a lemon on top for an extra dose of vitamin C and flavor


This one takes a bit more than 5 minutes to prepare, but once it’s ready and stacked in the freezer, they are the yummiest snack to grab-n-go!

Combine dates, *macadamia nuts and coconut oil in food processor and blend until not quite smooth. If it’s too thick I like to add a little bit more coconut oil.
Pour the mixture onto a large baking paper so you have enough space to fold the paper to flatten the mixture.Then sprinkle the salt and cinnamon on top of the mixture.
Cut into bars. Wrap the bars individually so it’s easier to carry around and share it.
The bars will be a little bit soft at first, but after a few minutes in the freezer, they are going to be perfect!
Keep the bars in the freezer. It’s also a perfect guilty-free dessert.

• you can add walnuts, cranberries, or any kind of dry fruits and nuts you like
• make a big batch and leave in the freezer so you can grab a few bars when you are really running late for your morning workout or coaching session.
• Oh! Bring a few extra bars to share, because this bar is everyone’s favorite!


One little last tip…if you have to rush out of the door for your workouts in the morning, remember to hydrate the night before. A well hydrated body will work better!

some “snacks” are worth sharing….

photo by: Mike Vidales