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Strengthen your calf muscles to go faster

Strengthen your calf muscles to go faster
August 13, 2018 mariane uehara

Here’s the first video of a series of strength and running drills that we
have prepared for you with simple exercises to help you improve your
running technique and keep you injury free.

Target muscle

Calf muscles (gastrocnemius, soleus)

When it should be done

Rest days

Why is important for runners

Increases strength of the calf muscles.

Common injury can be avoided with the exercise

Plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendonopathy, posterior tibialis tendonopathy, patellar tendonopathy, medial tibial stress syndrome


2 sets 15 reps or until fatigue

The exercises can seem very basic and easy, but if you do them mindfully
and consistently, you’ll be surprised at how effective they can be on
increasing your overall strength.

Let’s do this!

* exercise by: Motoki Nakamura – Jaco Rehab PT

* video by: Odeelo Dayondon