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Warm up the Spine

Warm up the Spine
May 14, 2018 mariane uehara

I am not a yoga type of person. I am always so tight that any yoga pose, even the most basic ones, feels very challenging. Having said that, I am well aware that I probably need lots of yoga and know that I’m not the only stretch-lazy runner in town. So we asked the amazing yogi, runner, and coach, Susie Stephen, to share five very doable yoga poses than anyone can do anywhere and anytime. No excuses!

So this week I am going to post one video per day, and I want to invite you to get on the mat with us. On all five videos, Susie is showing the full version of the movement and I am doing the beginner version that’s less intense and with props when needed to gently work on my tight muscles and joints.

Let’s get started!

Note: As with all yoga and exercise programs, it is advisable for runners to begin slowly and mindfully, breathing steadily during the entire practice. Tune in to how you are feeling and whether the mind is excited. By the end of the sequence, we hope that you feel rested and relaxed, aiding your recovery from all the miles that you run!

Seated Cat Cow: Start in an easy cross-legged position with hands at heart center in a prayer position. Sit on a block or a rolled up towel to elevate hips – this is usually more comfortable for runners. Take a few deep inhales and exhales, closing the eyes, sitting quietly for a moment before beginning your yoga practice. Set an intention to become more aware of your breathing, mind and body. On the next exhale, move into cat pose: stretch your arms out over the knees and round the back like a cat arching it’s back, gently tucking the chin in towards the chest. On the next inhale slowly lift the chin and stretch the spine in the opposite direction, bringing the arms back, tucking the elbows in towards your waist as you puff your chest forwards – this is cow pose. Feel a stretch across the front of your collar bones as you squeeze the shoulder blades together. Repeat a few more times and move with your breath. Exhale – cat, inhale – cow.


* yoga pose by: Susie Stephen

* video by: Odeelo Dayondon

* music by: Ben Sound