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Archive for February, 2018

  • Exercise

    Stables Beach Trail

    From March 1 through to March 4, I’ll be leading running “classes” at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival. Or, in other words, I’ll be having a blast at Turtle Bay! There will be three fun levels on three unique trails. Everyone is welcome.

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    Kahuku Main Trail

    Does running 5 miles of trails and beaches on the North Shore of Oahu sound like a fun challenge to you? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing on the third class that I’ll be leading at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival.

  • Exercise

    Kawela Bay Trail

    The second running “class” at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival is designed for runners that want to increase their speed by improving their efficiency. We will do a variety of running drills

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    Meet George and Miyuki & their sweet story

    Four years ago we were brainstorming ideas of what we wanted the run club to be, the main goal that we all had in mind was to create a social gathering environment where friendships would arise and last…