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Our most beloved adventure

Our most beloved adventure
November 1, 2015 mariane uehara

As Tim shared in my previous post we are about to start a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter is…A BABY! We are 5 months pregnant. Yes we! Because sometimes I feel that Tim is more pregnant that I am, no joke. He loves to sleep in whenever possible, he is buying more organic food at the stores and he is eating better, and he has even slowed down his training load. Luckily though, there has been no morning sickness! I am fortunate that he is as much connected with the baby as I am.

As passionate athletes we love to dedicate our bodies and minds fully, to accomplish a goal.   But this adventure is different from anything we have ever trained for. It is not about us anymore, it’s  not about reaching our own personal goals, desires, or dreams; now we have something bigger (at the moment just 11 inches but still the biggest thing in our lives) that goes beyond pursuing an athletic goal. This adventure has no finish line to reach, it is a lifetime journey.

More than ever I need to listen to my body, my mind, my heart, and decide what is best for us. Every decision we make will effect this tiny human growing inside of me. From the very first day I found out that I was pregnant something inside of me changed, not just physically but also emotionally. It is not a change that I planned or even expected. The day I got the positive test, I went for a swim at Kaimana Beach, and right away I started to wonder if the baby could feel that we were floating in the warm ocean. I slowed down to enjoy the opportunity to be in the waters of the beautiful Pacific, with the presence of a baby inside of me. The whole time I was in the water, I had zero worries about how fast or far I was going to swim, I just wanted to be one with the baby and the ocean.

Tim is an expert on living the moment (sometimes too much). But I am glad he is this way because he reminds me everyday to enjoy what is  happening right now, try not to anticipate the future or create expectations about every little thing.

However, we are learning that with a baby on board we are going to have to start thinking ahead a little bit more, so our lives don’t get too chaotic as the arrival of our little one gets closer and closer. Our family has warned us, we need to start being a bit more proactive in our planning and organization.

A few months ago, just before dinner, I walked around the house and it was more messy than I wanted it to be: dirty laundry, messy rooms, TV on, Tim’s stuff all over, and my mind started to wonder about if when the baby arrives everything is going to be even more chaotic. It was time to have a chat, so I sat down next to Tim and impatiently told him: “Tim our lives our going to change soon, I don’t even know how, but we need to get better at being organized and change things a little bit around here” He looked at me with a big smile and calmly said: “I am excited for all the changes!”

This is our most beloved adventure, and honestly, we don’t know if we can be ready for all the changes ahead of us, but Tim is so right, we are thrilled for everything that is going to come and we are excited that our life is going to be about somebody else!

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