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    Ocean Runner: Sharon Keith

    Sharon started to ocean run with us because she couldn’t run on land due to past injuries and surgeries. It was incredible to follow her improvements and witness how strong she became as an athlete with her dedication to all three sports, plus using ocean run as her base for running.

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    “Don’t be late for dinner!”

    My father-in-law, Blake Marr is a wonderful man, full of incredible life stories! One of my favorite stories is how…

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    Fernanda Keller

    For many people Fernanda Keller is the legendary Brazilian triathlete who raced Ironman Hawaii 24 times, finished in the top…

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    Davide Giardini

    A few months ago, I was hanging out with a few friends, and I heard two guys talking about Davide.…

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    Paul Ambrose

    During my Memorial weekend in Boulder, CO, I had the chance to catch up with Paul Ambrose, a multiple ironman…

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    Raul Boca

    Raul made an impression on me from the very first time I met him (for the record he doesn’t remember…

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    My Ironman Hawaii: A Sweet Adventure

    Yesterday Ironman Hawaii completed 37 years of existence. The first time I heard about this adventure in 1999 I thought:…

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    The story behind this photo

    Back in 2008, Tim and I raced the Ironman World Championship for the first time. It was a big deal…

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    Tim Marr

    My first “chat with…” had to be with Tim Marr, the person that I have been chatting with the most…

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    Diário Até o Iron

    On this video I am sharing my experience on racing at ironman Brasil for the first time. It was a great and almost magical experience! There was just one thing that really bothered me during the race, the drafting!