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The little things…

The little things…
June 12, 2016 mariane uehara

Sky turned 3 months this past week, and things are getting easier everyday but the first months…oh boy! Every little help was a huge help.

I remembered one morning, when Sky was just a few weeks old, I woke up and no one was at home. Tim left early with a full day ahead of him and my mom was also busy with chores of her own to take of. For the first time it was just me and Sky in the house. Sky’s diaper was dirty, and she was also hungry. I really needed to pee and I was also thirsty and hungry. So I thought “one thing at time, Mariane”. I started changing Sky’s diaper, while changing her diaper I could feel from her cry that she was really hungry, so second in the list was breastfeeding her. And with a clean diaper and full belly she peacefully fell asleep in my arms. I tried to put her down a few times, but every time I tried she woke up and started to cry. So for the next few hours I was dancing, bouncing, walking and feeding her to try to make her happy or go to sleep again. Hours later, I still hadn’t had the chance to go to the bathroom or eat or drink anything.

I know it sounds crazy, and you might be thinking “you could just put your baby down for a few minutes, and let her cry”. Easy to say, but not so easy to do when your baby is only a few weeks old and you are emotionally overwhelmed trying to give all the love you possibly can to this tiny little precious life in front of you.

That day more than ever I appreciated how wonderful it is to have someone taking care of me while I take care of Sky. That morning was an exception, thank goodness. Most of my days with Sky are peaceful and joyful, because I have my husband and my mom taking turns helping me with the little things that make a huge difference in my routine with Sky. Those little things keep me calm, fed, hydrated, and happy so that I can be fully present for my baby.

Dads and anyone that is willing to help moms with their new borns, here are 10 little easy things you can do to make mom’s daily routine easier so all their energy and love can be driven towards the little one.

  1. bring a cold cup of water when mom is breastfeeding
  2. make or buy a fresh juice in the morning
  3. hold baby for 30 minutes in the morning and/or night while mom takes a nice shower
  4. in the middle of the day bring mom’s favorite healthy snack
  5. do baby & mom laundry a few times per week
  6. give mom a nice shoulder and neck massage
  7. take care of dirty diapers around the house and take the trash out
  8. at night help mom to put baby to sleep with singing, dancing, or going for a walk
  9. take mom and baby on a little adventure (a few ideas: go to the coffee shop, watch a sunset, a nice walk in the park, etc)
  10. & always ask mom if she needs anything before you leave the house.

Try to take it one step farther and get these little things done before mom needs to ask for them to get done.

Moms what are the little things that were important to you?

PS: Moms, dads, teachers and all caregivers when you get a chance watch “The Beginning of Life”, a movie which invites everyone to reflect about the first years of life: are we taking good care of this unique moment, which defines both the present and future of humankind?

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