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Last-minute Coaches’ Tip

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When we were asked, “what is the biggest benefit of running at the Lanikai Juice Honolulu Marathon Run Club?” on the Living808 show, our answer was easy.

Our awesome coaches!

Their running background as athletes and coaches combined with their enthusiasm to give back to the community makes each run club session special. This Sunday is the big day so our coaches would like to share their last minute tips to help you have your best Honolulu Marathon ever!

Pacing is the key! Don’t go out too fast! You want to conserve your fuel and keep your “gas tank” as full as possible. Save your “gas” for later. Think of yourself as a car and how it gets good gas mileage. This means to pace yourself properly. Get in a good comfortable rhythm and put yourself in “cruise control”. You want to run even splits throughout or negative splits(latter half faster than first half). You will have a much enjoyable, fun experience and also a faster time if you have the discipline to hold your effort back in the 1st half.

Jonathan Lyau

My top tip for finding fun and joy in the marathon is to write a list of the 26 people to whom you’d like to dedicate a mile of the marathon. Then, as the miles tick by you can stay present in the moment (and not dwell on how you’re feeling) by thinking of everything you’re grateful for about the person assigned a particular mile.

Susie Stephen

Make a checklist of everything you plan to bring to the race. Have everything ready to go the day before so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something in the morning. Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes. Enjoy the experience and have fun!

Bethany Spector

Go as fast as you can from point A (start line) to point B (finish line).

Nah! Just kidding…but give everything you can, its your time to celebrate and leave it all on the road!

Tim Marr

We wish you a wonderful 26.2 miles in paradise!