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Meet The Former Triathlon Pro

Meet The Former Triathlon Pro
October 15, 2019 mariane uehara

Coach Tim Marr is the most successful professional triathlete to come out of Hawaii. Having placed in the top 15 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, he’s traveled the world over to compete with the very best in the sport. His fun personality and passion for helping others is his key to keeping positive vibes at every group run and workout.


I am from Mililani Hawaii, born and raised in Hawaii.

Sports played

Through my early years, I played almost all sports possible, I grew up a swimmer on the swim team since I was 4 years old. I even did the Waikiki Rough water at 7 years old, as I got older I got into surfing and running and put swimming on the back burner until I got into Triathlon as an adult.

Top 5 running (or any sports) accomplishments

My biggest sporting accomplishments are all in Triathlon where I raced as a professional for over 10 years. I finished top 10 in the Half Ironman World Champs, top 15 in the Kona Ironman World Champs, I was the 2007 Pan American Long Distance Triathlon Champion as well as the 2007 Half Ironman National Champion, I raced in multiple Olympic Trails, and I have won overall victories in over 100 multisport events. Over a 3 year period, I raced 30 X in Hawaii and never lost an event.

Tim did the Waikiki Roughwater Swim at 7 years old and got into surfing and running while putting swimming on the back burner until he got into triathlon as an adult.

Favorite place to run in Hawaii

I love Kahala avenue and loops of Diamond head, I must have done well over 1,000 laps of Diamond head and it still doesn’t get old.

Favorite pre-race snack

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, and a banana and a muffin or bar.

Favorite post-race snack

Beer, Beer, Beer, and some Poke or other dope fish dish.


Surfing, bodyboarding, Open water swimming, Movies are my jam, Nights our with friends, Stories about the old days over beers, and of course, nothing beats hanging with my newest crew Sky and Blake.

Tip to achieve goals

Get out there smile and enjoy the process, enjoy meeting new people, enjoy running during sunset or sunrise, take in the beauty of it all, and enjoy pushing your limits to reach that goal.

Fun fact about you

Everyone thinks that I chased Mariane to get her to marry me, its actually the opposite, she chased me around every day and slowly over time I decided to give in. HA! Of course, that’s not true, I had to do work hard to get that one. I guess a fun fact could be that my favorite band is Sigur Ros from Iceland.


Photo by Shane Tsukayama