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Morning Run at the Hilton Hawaiian

Morning Run at the Hilton Hawaiian
August 7, 2017 mariane uehara

This summer three times per week Tim and I sneak out of bed at 5am to coach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Thank goodness for grandma that stays at home watching baby. I love waking up early, Tim not so much. But we both do love to coach together, so having this “job” is giving us this sweet opportunity to spend early mornings together.

This project “Asa run” is a partnership between Lanikai Juice and the Hilton Hawaiian Village where we take Japanese tourists to enjoy Hawaii in a different way that involves a fun workout. We are often surprised on how many of them wake up early during their vacations to join us for a light fun run. This morning we had almost 30 people, even moms with baby strollers.

They are so polite and gracious. We are thankful for opportunities like this one that involves spreading health, wellness, and joy in a fun way!

I wish my Japanese was beyond…Ohayōgozaimasu, Daijyo bu desuka?, Gamabtte, Arigato!
But for now our smiles and enthusiastic high fives and thumbs up are a perfect way to communicate our enjoyment.

Here is a little bit more about the Asa Run (in Japanese, though):


some dreams are worth sharing…