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Pete Boksanski

Pete Boksanski
April 17, 2017 mariane uehara

Pete has been part of the Hawaii elite running community for a long time. We were thrilled when Pete took the opportunity to be the lead coach at the new Kapolei Run Club. His positive energy and friendly smile has been the run club best asset! Meet coach Pete Boksanski:

1) How long have you been running?

I have been running for over 40 years. As a kid I liked to run and play just like most kids. I started my running career before kindergarten when my older brothers and sister told me that gym class in 1st grade started with a race across the school yard. I decided I wanted to be the fastest runner in my class.

2) What do you love about running?

There are many things I love about running: running and racing challenges me, it keeps me physically fit, I meet new people (I met my wife through running), I explore new places, I can run in a group and socialize, I can run with a group with similar training goals, I can run alone to give me time to think through things, I don’t need any equipment, I can run anytime I want, unlike many other sports I can run my entire life, and also unlike many other sports I can compete in the same events as the world’s best.

3) What is your favorite part about coaching other people?

My favorite part about coaching other people is to use my running experience and knowledge to help other runners reach their goals. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. The goal could be following a regular exercise program, running a distance without stopping, or setting a 10K PR.

Thank you Pete for the wonderful job leading the Kapolei Run Club!

photo by: Nainoa Ching