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New mommy basic-ish core exercises

New mommy basic-ish core exercises
October 4, 2017 mariane uehara

Last week a friend told me, that she was trying to find time to do the NEW MOMMY BASIC CORE EXERCISES I posted a few weeks ago, but life as a new momma can be so hectic and it seems that there is not enough time to do everything we need and want.

I found out that I was successful at doing the exercises when baby was taking a nap, or when I asked someone to play with Sky for thirty minutes so I could escape and do the routine. But somedays all I had was five minutes, and that was it! Honestly I was skeptical if those simple exercises were really going to make a difference on helping me to gain my strength back, since I was so used to high level and long hour workouts. Voila! These simple exercises worked! After a month of dedicating half an hour or less doing these movements my body felt stronger and ready for a little bit more challenging exercises.

So this next video is the NEW MOMMY “BASIC-ISH” CORE EXERCISES, a bite more advanced exercise. They are still simple but a step up from the basic ones. New mommas make sure you mastered the basic core exercises first before you jump to this one.

I hope you can find time to take care of you, even if is just for 5 minutes!


Consult your physician before performing these exercises.
Make sure all incision sites or tears have completely healed. Also, start slowly. Listen to your body. Be mindful of your current health and any restrictions that are appropriate for you. Seek medical attention if there are any unanticipated changes to your physical condition at any time.

New moms: If you have a chance to do these exercises, I would love to hear your feedback.


exercises designed by: Physical Therapist, Rose Tamayo, from Queen`s Medical Center

photo & video by: Delo Dayondon

aerial drone footage: Robert Oehler

outfit by: Lululemon