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Triangle Park to Makapu’u

Triangle Park to Makapu’u
February 25, 2015 mariane uehara

One of the main ideas for this new blog, is to share places to swim, bike and run around the world, starting in Hawaii, since it is where I live! The Hawaiian islands have so many incredible places to do these three activities, and I take every opportunity I get to do them! So the idea is I will map the places and routes using strava, then take some nice pictures, and share a few tips about each activity.

So here it is! The first ride I am going to share is probably the most popular bike route on the island of Oahu. It is the ride from Triangle Park to the top of Makapu’u. I have rode this route at least 250 times since I moved to Hawaii in 2006, and I enjoyed it almost every time (except on raining or strong wind days). It is a relatively easy and safe ride. Oh…and it is beautiful!


Honolulu – Hawaii – USA


  • I would say that 70% of this route has a bike lane, and the roads without A marked bike lane are not too busy so it is safe to share the road with the cars.
  • If you are driving to the start of this ride, you can park your car at Triangle Park. Usually there are plenty of street parking spots available, and it is also a safe area to leave your car.
  • At Triangle Park there is a water fountain, but there are no bathrooms.
  • Before you reach the top of Makapu’u there are a few gas stations and parks along the way. Places you can stop to take in the view and enjoy your time on the road, riding a bike in Hawaii.
  • The ride back I added a few valleys (as you can see in the map above). Those back streets on the way back are safer than the highway and it’s also a nice way to add miles to the ride.

Push the hills and spin a high cadence on the flats.

  • I enjoy to start this ride at sunrise, around 7am, just before the school traffic. The sunrise during the ride is energizing!
  • When you reach the top of Makapu’u get off of your bike, take a deep breathe and enjoy the view. Between December and May you might have a good chance to see the humpback whales!
  • Enjoy the ride!

If you have already ridden this route, please feel free to add some comments below. Or if you never have never ridden but would love to ride one of these days I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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