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Tricking the Junky Treats

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When I told Tim I was going to write an article about how so many candies are full of junk for kids, his response was:

“Oh, my love! Don’t ruin Halloween. Growing up, all I wanted was to come home with a bucket full of candies. It is one of my fond memories growing up. Don’t be a party pooper!”

Growing up in Brasil, I didn’t trick or treat since it’s not very popular back home. But, I ate lots of candies! I used to beg my mom to take me to the bulk candy store. So I totally get how magical it is for kids to bring home lots of candy.

But when you become a mom and find out all sorts of facts regarding food ingredients, for example, that artificial color is made from petroleum, it’s hard not to worry. And then finding additional research linking the consumption of food dyes with hyperactivity and allergies in children, you really are concerned. So why not try some creative ideas on how we can make Halloween a bit healthier and still create fun and yummy memories

A few tricks we could try:

Buy Candies With Real Food Ingredients

Look at the ingredients list. Specifically, look for artificial colors (red No. 40, Yellow No. 5 and no.5, Blue no.1, Green No.3) or artificial flavors. If you find any of these, look for another option.

Luckily, some companies are using nutritious ingredients like spirulina, beet, and turmeric to color their candies. A few options I found on Amazon, Wholefoods and Costco: Enjoy Life, Annie’s, Wholesome,
These options might be a bit more expensive, but that’s why this next tip is a good one!

A Few Great Treats

Instead of a hand full of candies, give each child only one or two. And tell them how special they are. It can be a little lesson about quality over quantity.

Try Salty Treats

Kids love popcorn or pretzels. And there are some good affordable snack options like SkinnyPop.

Maybe Fruits

OK, fruits might be pushing it a bit, but bananas and tangerines with spooky faces can be a fun treat!

This Wednesday, let’s give it a try! We never know, the little ones might end up enjoying the twist. If you have any other ideas on how we can trick the junky treats, I would love to learn!

Happy Halloween!