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Archive for May, 2018

  • Exercise

    It’s never too late!

    He never ran as a child or as an adult, carrying extra pounds for most of his life. But one day he read a book that literally changed his life. These days, if you see Jacoby running at any of the run clubs, you will think that he is an elite runner.

  • Exercise

    Lazy pose for runners with tired legs

    Lying on the ground, lift legs up against a wall or a chair (or use any structure that will enable you to elevate the legs higher than the rest of the body).

  • Exercise

    Perfect for hamstrings & hip flexors

    Move to kneeling and then step your right leg up and forward. Inhale and stretch the arms over head, keeping the hands shoulder width apart.

  • Exercise

    Great stretch for tight hips

    Begin by moving left knee forward on the ground underneath you and extend the right leg extended out behind. Keep hips square and then stretch the spine by pressing hands into the floor and lifting body up away from the ground.

  • Exercise

    Full body stretch

    Come to a table top position and tuck your toes under. Press up and back into downward facing dog, keeping your heels up off the ground and the knees slightly bent (especially if you have tight hamstrings).

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    Warm up the Spine

    Seated Cat Cow: Start in an easy cross-legged position with hands at heart center in a prayer position. Sit on a block or a rolled up towel to elevate hips – this is usually more comfortable for runners.