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My one 2016 wish

My one 2016 wish
January 20, 2016 mariane uehara

It has been one year since I launched this free lifestyle blog with the tag line “swim, bike, run & a little more”. Well, it ended up that the “little more” part grew more, much more. I actually swam, rode my bike and ran less than years past, and surprisingly I didn’t miss it as much. Instead, I enjoyed coaching others that were enjoying their journey of swimming, biking and running. I also dedicated my time studying to become a certified Master Health Coach. This taught me how I can best support people to not just reach their exercise goals but also improve their nutrition, attitude and lifestyle, one little step at a time.

In the beginning of June I got pregnant!!! So, more than ever, I realized the importance of my own daily choices towards health and wellness, such as what I eat, how I exercise, my thoughts and prayers, my attitude towards my work, and my relationships with my family and friends. This tiny new life growing inside of me made me rethink every little part of my own life.

What it is really important to me? Where do my values come from?
What do I want more of in my life? And what do I want less of?
How can I combine and balance all of my passions?
How can I get ready for this lifetime journey that is right ahead of me?

The baby gave me a feeling of urgency that I needed to tie up what I really want because soon I won’t have all the time in the world to spend on myself (and I am overwhelmed with joy & love about that!). So to answer those questions in a mindful way I worked with a wonderful mentor to guide me trough this process. And also thank goodness to my husband and mother that were always on my side, listening, giving feedback, and preparing dinner while I dedicated time clarifying and unifying my inner and outer intentions.

For the very first time, I consciously took the time to become aware of the roots of my deepest values, and why I live what I call a free lifestyle. It was an awe feeling, to put into words the reasons why I live the way I do and what drives my most beloved beliefs.

The process during these past months was organic and grounded. And I can finally share a few of the results with you. First, I made a small change on the tagline of this website to “living & sharing a free lifestyle”. Second, I created and recreated, in a way that is very clear to me and hopefully to you too, the content of each page of this website: About, Coaching, Community Classes, Graphic Design and more. Then we put a lot of love, tears, and deep memories working on this short video below, that summarizes a lot of my answers to the questions I posed above.

But most importantly, this whole process helped me to feel calm and confident in being able to welcome my next and probably most divine “project” in my life…to learn how to balance all my passions and at the same time be the best mom I can be everyday little by little…and that is my one 2016 wish!

Cheers to the best year yet! 2016 here we come!

some dreams are worth sharing…